I have now started working with two fantastic sturios based in greenwich : Pilates and Rehab Studio  as well as Greenwich Fitness and Pilates  where consultations take place.  

Prior to the consultation I will ask you to complete a short questionnaire covering your medical history, current health concerns and lifestyle and dietary analysis.

I will take a comprehensive case study during the initial consultation, which will take around 70- 80 minutes. It will aim to ascertain your state of physical health, emotional well being, diet and personal history and will include your health history, your family history, current and previous medications, psychological and emotional factors, exercise, stress levels and dietary habits.

You will then be given a personalised explanation of dietary and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your symptoms as well as recommendations of appropriate dietary changes. This will include clear guidelines on foods that you should add to your diet as well as foods that you should avoid. I will also recommend dietary supplements where appropriate.

We will then agree on a follow-up consultation date ( usually recommended after 4-6 weeks) when we can look at how well your plan is going and make any changes, if needs be. In the meantime I will be contactable by email or phone for any further clarifications or guideline on your plan.

Some people may only need initial and follow-up consultations while in some cases client may benefit from regular consultations especially those with chronic conditions.