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Email: kasia@kbrnutrition.com
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There is a 24-hour cancellation policy after which the appointment fee will be charged. Payment is by electronic bank transfer prior to your consultation or by cash or cheque  at the time of your appointment.

What’s included?

My fees reflect up to 80 minutes face-face consultation time, analysing any tests provided, compiling a bespoke treatment plan that include targeted supplementation meal plans & recipes together with specified support via e-mail or telephone/skype during your programme. Some complex cases often require extra support, and I am happy to be in touch on a more regular basis. This will incur additional charges and can be discussed individually after the initial consultation.

The costs for biochemical functional tests – should you need any – will be agreed with you during the initial appointment. The follow-up fees include the interpretation of these tests and the recommendation of specific dietary and supplementary modifications necessary to correct any imbalances found.

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Email: kasia@kbrnutrition.com
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